Waterproof Metal/Gold Detector

Waterproof Metal/Gold Detector

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   #1  Metal Detector

  Detect hidden treasures and valuables in the ground!

  • Waterproof - Can be used at the beach.

  • Audio indication- headphone jacks so you can search in peace

  • Fun gift for kids and adults! 

  • Detects 3 feet deep!

Waterproof Metal/Gold Detector - 50% off Today

Why ProFiveShop Metal Detector?

Have you always wondered what was beneath the ground or sand? No more wondering, digging, or searching. Let our metal detector do the work for you.



Metal Detector:

  • Find hidden treasures and valuables

  • Money Back guarantee

  • Rust proof and will not damage

  • Fun Gift for the entire family

  • Use anywhere 



1x Waterproof Metal/Gold Detector