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Waterproof Eyebrow Extension Gel

Waterproof Eyebrow Extension Gel

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Get this Waterproof Eyebrow Extension Gel to have your FLAWLESS & REALISTIC eyebrows throughout the day under ALL conditions!

This creates a WATERPROOF glue-on eyebrow with hair-like fibers that fills, defines and lengthens brows. You can easily and freely control the shape and thickness of eyebrows using a high-end soft brush.



  • Waterproof, sweat-proof and flake-proof 
  • Hair-like fibers look more natural than using brow pencil or powder
  • Long lasting and transparent glue: Eyebrow creamy gel texture gives an even and natural look with long-lasting coating
  • Easy to glue on and tear off fibers without using makeup remover or cleaning cream
  • Natural and unobtrusive color


How to use:

  1. Make sure to wipe eyebrows with a clean cloth before applying the product 
  2. Place the appropriate amount on the brush
  3. Apply brow hair fibers onto the desired area 
  4. Use your brush and hand to tidy up your eyebrows 
  5. Do not apply a lot at once. Apply a small amount of the appropriate amount, and finish beautifully! 


NET WT: 32g