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Vital Essence™ Repair Oil

Vital Essence™ Repair Oil

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This herbal remedy has been refined to produce an easy to use applicator pen with the concentrated benefits of medicines traditionally used for centuries. 

Studies show the shiny natural appearance of the will return and brittle and fragile will regain elasticity, developing a beautiful natural shine. 


  • 100% Natural - no harsh chemicals which can irritate the fungal outbreak.
  • Unique Penetrating Formula
  • Restores Brittle, Crumbly or even Ragged to their Natural Shape and Texture.
  • restore the dark colour caused by debris build up back to a pinkish shine.
  • Eliminates the odour caused by fungal build-up of the affected area. 


    • Step 1) Clean the with warm water and allow them to dry naturally. 
    • Step 2) Shake the bottle and brush an even coat onto the effected area
    • Step 3) Allow the herbal remedy to act  for 10 minutes before touching. 
    • Step 4) Reapply twice per day, once before bed, for maximum results.


    • Content - 15g
    • Main Ingredients - Glycerin, wheat protein, angelica extract
    • External use only
    • Keep out of reach of children

    Get Them Beautifully Healthy the Natural Way!

    Vital Essence™ is loaded with healthy vitamins that promote keratin formation, which encourages growth and strength! This extra boost helps prevent chapped, dry, and fragile. It also provides damage protection and leaves you with a shiny, smooth, and clean surface


    Why choose Vital Essence™ Cuticle Revitalizer Oil?

    • Nourishes and promotes healthy growth
    • Chemical-free, all-natural formula
    • Treats and prevents fungus and other problems
    • Eliminates itch and discomfort
    • Effective moisturization and hydration
    • Gentle and soothing scents
    • Easy application: massage into for best results


    1 x Vital Essence™ Fungal Revitalize Oil

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