Car Windscreen Cover Protector

Car Windscreen Cover Protector

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The Universal Car Windscreen Cover Protector is the ideal protector of your windshield and your vehicle. Cover the windshield, uncover peace of mind!

No more scraping the snow and ice off your windshield manually. No more fallen leaves, petals, or bird poops. The Universal Car Windscreen Cover Protector eliminates the hassle of cleaning your windshield in all seasons.

In addition, the cover is also an effective sun shades that can keep your car cooler and protect your front glass and wipers from heat in a hot day. It has three layers. The first layer is a sleek, water resistant, and reflective surface that can reflect sunshine. The middle layer is an aluminum film that can combat UV. And the last layer is a piece of black cloth that can also block sunlight. 

Material: Cotton and aluminum film
Color: Silver
Size: approx.192 x 70cm(L x W)
Quantity: Pack of 1 and Pack of 3

  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Let your car with hot sunshine isolation, anti-UV protection and reduce direct sunlight caused aging interior.
  • Ideally for front and rear car windshield.
  • Easy to install and remove and twisted to fold into smaller size for easy storage.
  • Provides protection from frost and ice in winter and helps to keep your vehicle cool during summer.
  • All season windscreen protector.
  • Easy to clean.

Fits for most vehicles

Package includes:
1 x Car Windscreen Cover