Sweat Fit Neoprene High Waisted Shapewear Plus Size Waist Trainer

Sweat Fit Neoprene High Waisted Shapewear Plus Size Waist Trainer

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Whit Slimming Inner Thigh & Waist Traineryou will feel the BURN and see the Result the inner thigh sweatband makes your exercise more productive by raising your hamstring and quad/quadriceps muscle temperature, making you sweat more, and increasing the number of calories you burn! 

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Sweat Fit Slimming Inner Thigh & Waist Traineris an Effective and Easiest Option to BURN Excess FAT around your Inner Tight, Tummy, Legs & Buttocks. Wear it during workouts for Best Results.
Take Action And See The Result
We know it isn’t easy to slim down. Our mission at Sweat Fit Slimming Inner Thigh & Waist Trainer is to help you lose weight and shape your inner thighs, tummy & Buttocks! Use Sweat Fit Slimming Inner Thigh & Waist Trainer during your normal fitness and exercise routine, or just wear them around the house or while you relax. Either way, you will FEEL the BURN with the help of Sweat Fit!

Features & Advantages

SHAPE INNER THIGH: Targeted Weight Loss Lose Weight Faster Leg Muscle Definition Thigh, Hamstring, Quad Shaper Increased Circulation Decreased Water Weight

ENHANCE PERFORMANCE: The moment you put on your Sweat Fit Slimming Inner Thigh & Waist Trainer, you will start to feel the burn from increased circulation and sweat production! Don’t waste anymore effort or time! Get better results from the same amount of effort with Sweat Fit! 

NON-SLIP DESIGN: The waistband prevents thigh support from sliding or sliding during physical activity. Wavy profile and flexible waistband and thigh belt with adjustable straps.

FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE: easy to put on and take off, the low-profile groin edging can be worn inside or outside the clothes as needed. You can use this high-waist thigh trimmer when cycling, running, sauna, boating, training, and other fitness. Belt and thigh belt combination, sweating 3 times than before By reducing excess moisture, get rid of the stubborn inner thigh and waist fat, make your legs and waist look slimmer.

PROMOTE INJURY RECOVERY: Compression therapy enhances blood circulation, retains heat therapy, and promotes the healing of injured or inflamed muscles. The slanted design straps have a beautiful appearance, and the waist connection design prevents slipping.

SHAPE YOUR BODY: Adjust your size to help reduce moisture weight. Soft and elastic, increase blood circulation, and support inner thighs. The mesh lining not only resists moisture but also restricts sliding and gathering during activity.

Size Waist Length (Inches)  Thigh Length (Inches)
M 38.5 32.5
XL 45  40
XXL / XXXL  52  41.3