Soft Silicone Anti-Collision Door

Soft Silicone Anti-Collision Door

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As the baby grows up and runs around the house, he often accidentally touches the door handles. Now the door handles are mostly made of metal, the edges are hard and sharp, and it will hurt the baby's head.
This door handle protector looks inconspicuous, but it is really easy to use. In the future, you will not worry about your baby touching the door handle, and the door handle that is opened will often hit the wall, causing damage to the wall. Don't worry about this either.

Advantages of this product:
1. Simple installation, can be directly put on the door handle.
2. Can effectively prevent static electricity.
3. Prevent children from touching the door handle to cause injury.
4. It can effectively prevent the door handle from hitting the wall to cause wall damage.

Name:1set Home Door Handle Knob Silicone
Materials :Silicone
Product Weight :58G
Product Size(L x W x H) : 15 × 10 × 5cm / 5.9 × 3.9 × 2inches
Applicable Size :Door Handle within 13 × 2.6cm / 5.12 × 1.02inches
Color :Yellow/Gray/Dark Green

Package Included:
1x  Soft Silicone Anti-Collision Door