Baby Mat Silicone Suction Placemat

Baby Mat Silicone Suction Placemat

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Babies and toddlers tend to drop and throw everything. End the "toddler toss" with the first-ever placemat to keep toys in place! This baby placemat sticks to any smooth, clean surface and allows you to tether baby's toys to the mat. This placemat comes with FOUR tethers to keep toys within arms' reach and free from germs!

The Baby Mat is a 100% food-grade silicone suction placemat designed for use with infants and toddlers. It's a safe place to put babies food and keeps toys and pacifiers off the icky floor. Many use the mat as a restaurant placemat while others use it on the baby's highchair to keep baby entertained. The Baby mat can also be used as an airplane placemat to help keep baby safe from germs. Attach all kinds of things to the mat using the tethers.

Washable markers will fit through the holes in the tether while the mat can serve as a reusable sketchable surface. The mat and tethers are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The adjustable tether strap can go through or around most of the baby's items and attach to the mat.

The mat and tethers come with a convenient carrying sleeve so you can roll them up to fit in most purses and diaper bags! The products are safe! There are no Phthalates, BPA, BPS, or PVC.

Teething babies actually love just playing with and chewing on the tethers! Other uses: bathtub wall to keep baby and toys in one spot, window or sliding glass door to practice standing, side of the refrigerator to keep baby out from under feet while cooking.

Pro Momma Tip: "Start baby with just mat and tethers. This will provide a lot of entertainment and help develop finger dexterity. Let baby chew on tethers. When baby needs more stimulation, add a toy or two. Next, add snacks to the tray. Using the system in this way allows for a much more extended amount of content time at the table! Start keeping your baby busy with the Baby Placemat!


So many uses! No more dropped toys!!



The Baby Mat is great at restaurants! It's a clean surface to put baby's snacks and the tethers keep toys attached and off of the floor! The mat keeps babies entertained so caregivers can actually enjoy conversation and their meal!


High Chairs

Mom's and Dad's are loving the extra time they get at home to finish cooking, actually eat their meal, and clean up while baby happily plays in the high chair with the Baby Mat. Babies are happier when they are up at a level where they can see what's going on in the kitchen. Parents are happier when baby is happy AND they don't have to pick up toys every 30 seconds!

High Chair

Shopping Carts

Just about the same time that baby is big enough to sit in a shopping cart is the time they start teething! Keep their mouths off that gross handle and their favorite teethers within reach! Wrap the Baby mat around the shopping cart handle and the suction cups will adhere to one another. Simply attach toys with the tethers and enjoy a peaceful shopping experience!


Shopping Cart

Windows & More!

The Baby Mat sticks to any smooth, flat surface. Place it on a wall or mirror to encourage baby to stand up and play longer to help with balance and gross motor development.



Helps Baby's Developmentv


high chair


Encourages Self-Feeding

  • Food pieces do not slide around on the non-slip surface, making picking up food easier
  • Attach utensils to encourage learning without constant dropping
  • Great for transition to table



Promotes Motor Skills

  • Place mats on mirror or glass window surface and let toys hang down. Hanging toys motivate babies to stand, helping to develop balance and leg strength.
  • Babies love to thread the tether through the hole in the mat, increasing finger dexterity


Bolsters Education


  • Strengthens understanding of cause & effect, boosts problem solving skills
  • Spurs visual tracking and hand-eye coordination
  • Allows for sensory exploration of a variety of textures & surfaces
  • Allows for exploration of spatial relationships & movement
  • Provides opportunity for practicing persistence

Embedded Suction Cups Keep the Mat in Place!

The Baby Mat has a powerful suction cup in each corner embedded into the attachment point on top of the mat. When you press down on the ergonomic attachment points, you ensure a tight suction seal! These suckers stick really, really well on any smooth, flat, clean surface.

TIP: Keep it clean! Food-Grade silicone has a tendency to attract dust or lint, it's just the nature of the material. Dust, lint, and crumbs etc. will prevent the suctions cups from making a good seal. If we had used the additive that deflects the dust and lint, the product would no longer be food safe! The solution is simple...wipe the surface and the suction cups with a baby wipe before placing it on the surface.

DISCLAIMER: Not all surfaces are stick-able with suction cups. The key is that the surface is non-porous. The mat will not stick to your grandma's old oak table. We've tested the suction on several types of surfaces; tables, high chairs, and airline trays. It sticks to most, but not all.

Suction Cups embedded into each corner

Installing the Tethers

Squiggly End Goes in Mat

The end of the tether that has the 'squiggles' is intended to connect to the mat. The squiggles help absorb some of the pull when baby plays so the suction doesn't break so easily.

Tether in mat

Package Include:

1x Baby Mat Silicone Suction Placemat