Survival Pocket Chain Saw - 70% OFF!

Survival Pocket Chain Saw - 70% OFF!

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Introducing the Most Compact Chainsaw in the World

Whether you're getting through a crisis or going on an ordinary camping trip, you're going to need wood for fire. Regular chainsaws are too bulky and require gasoline, and using an axe is exhausting and takes too long.

Our pocket chainsaw solves both of these problems. It's small and lightweight, doesn't take a lot of physical exertion, and cuts through trees like butter.  

It cuts through trees so easily that even seniors suffering from arthritis have used it to cut through trees many times their size. The secret to its effectiveness is in its "triple sided attack."

The blades of the pocket chainsaw wrap around the tree and cuts three sides at once! Plus, the bi-directional blades cut deep into the tree every time you push and pull, saving you 50% of your time



  • Sharp sawtooth
  • Ergonomic grip design, saving strength 
  • Durable ferromanganese material
  • Folding segmented sawtooth and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Perfect for outdoor survival


Material: high-quality ferromanganese
Size: length of saw blade length of about 48CM, about 1m
Net weight: About 170g 



Hold 2 handles with both hands, zip the body to make it taut, and move the saw body lightly before and after.