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Official Game Boy color-changing mug

Official Game Boy color-changing mug

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  • Changes color with hot liquid
  • It has two screens that change with the heat
  • The front seems to load the game Super Marioland
  • The rear part changes revealing the end of a screen with Mario next to Daisy
  • Retro Gamer Mug
  • Material: ceramic and thermographic ink
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwaveWhat times those of the Game Boy! Not so many years ago, millions of people played the classic Nintendo Game Boy where you put a cartridge to load a game. Remember when you had to blow on the bottom of the cartridge because it didn’t load well? How times have changed…Now everything is 3D things, virtual reality, super graphics, and complex games, which are very good, but hey … and how much fun we had with our Game Boy? For all of us nostalgic gamers who knew the Game Boy of the 90s, we bring you this super mug. It is a mug with the design of the Nintendo Game Boy but with a special property: It changes color with hot liquid.

    Thanks to its thermographic ink, when you put your hot milk, coffee or tea (or whatever you want, go), the 2 screens that the mug has will change, giving a super way effect. On one screen it will appear that the classic Super Mario land game is loading and, on the other, you will see the scene that appeared when Mario was advancing a level, that of Mario with Daisy.

    The mug has a capacity of 300 ml. It is a gift for gamers of all ages but, especially, for those of us who saw the 90s together with this console classic, the Game Boy.