Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager
Infrared Slimming Massager

Infrared Slimming Massager

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could lose weight without having to diet or exercise? Tried pills, injections, “natural” herbs and even berries that are supposed to help us shed pounds – but these usually don’t work?

Now You can! Infrared Slimming Massager, In as little as 15-30 minutes a day this device assists in tackling the appearance of fat & cellulite by delivering ultrasonic waves, infrared heat, and microcurrent message. These vibrations can bring about changes in the volume of fat cells and have the mechanical effect of cellular massage which temporarily disrupts fat cell membranes, thus allowing the powerful "fat burning" actives contained in the body sculpting gel to penetrate and affect the reduction of cellular fat content


Infrared rays can get deeper into the skin and subcutaneous tissues than other wavelengths of light. As a result, they generate a gentle heating action just below the surface of the skin, thus improving the vitality of the skin, accelerating cellular metabolic activity and leading to faster fat burning for smoother looking skin

Benefits of use Infrared Slimming Massager:

1. Accelerate blood circulation and metabolism  

2. To increase the absorption of other beauty products

3. Whitening

 4. Enhance skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles and lose weight

 5. Reduce absorption of harmful substances, eliminate dull skin

6. Deeply cleans and maintains skin moisture

7. Eliminates double chin

8. Reshapes and slims the body's curve

9. Eliminate the fats on the waist,  on the legs and arms, shaping the buttocks and 



  • Use high-quality stainless steel probes, polishing process surface.
  • Ultrasonic 1million per second, perfect atomization effect.
  • LED strong power lamp, obvious phototherapy effect.
  • Smooth margin design of probes, more convenient to touch difficult area like nose and around eyes.
  • Multifunctional operate panel, three levels, EMS 5 modes.
  • Electrode silver fiber gloves, shaping body and improve circulation.
  • EMS pads have microcurrent stimulation, connect channels and accomplish massage and shaping body.
  • Safe power supply, comfortable and safe, make sure the machine has a better effect.

Package Include:

1x 1MHz Ultrasound massager

1x Power adapter

1x Wire

2 Pair of Contact Pads

1x English User Manual



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