Hair Mask Keratin Oil Treatment

Hair Mask Keratin Oil Treatment

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Hair Mask Keratin Oil Treatment repairs and hydrates hair giving it a silky-salon-like effect in just a week! Guaranteed!

Try out our new Hair Mask Keratin Oil Treatment! A popular method used by South Koreans. Thermal steam technology covers the hair and creates a silky steamy environment to rejuvenate the hair with natural keratin

Moisturizes softens, brightens and smells fresh makes the hair easier to brush and care for. Leaves hair with a lasting salon effect! Get yours now!



Water, hydrolyzed keratin, glycerol, panthenol, hydrolyzed collagen and other active ingredients, etc.

improve frizz, nourishing nutrition, prevent fork, damage repair, moisturizing, supple, after dyeing color.
Product Principle:
Cited thermal steam technology allows automatic heat to create steam hair mask to help open the hair keratin, speed repair damaged hair, improve dry, edgy, bifurcation, tangles, easy to pack and other hair problems. Tough hair core, restore scalp vitality.
Quick rebuild hair structure, elastic and resilient lip hanging along the hair, the hair instantly reborn.
Net content per dosage: 46g
Shelf life: 2 years
Package includes: 3 x Hair Mask Keratin Oil Treatment
1. After shampooing, with a dry towel and gently wipe excess water on wet hair, then coated with a highly concentrated essence of steam hair wrap all the hair.
2. torn tight mouth stick, followed by hair film elastic head sticker size adjustment.
3. Gently massage for a while, made the film automatically fever, make hair better absorb nutrients.
4.15-30 minutes, then remove the steam hair mask, and then wash it thoroughly with warm water, the effect is comparable to a professional salon baking oil.