Grill Rescue Cleaning Tool

Grill Rescue Cleaning Tool

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Cleaning Your Grill Just Became Easy

We have solved all the problems with these grill cleaners and made the grill brush of your dreams. Seriously, this thing rocks. Grill Rescue uses steam to clean your grill. Not aggravated forceful brushing.

Uses Steam

Grill Rescue uses steam to clean your grill so you don't have to force the grease and grime off your grill grates. Gently wipe away the nasty gunk that's been building up on your grill.

Before & After

Most people need to see it to believe it. Your grill will look as good as the day you bought it. Bring the shine back to your grill. Stop eating burned on, month old food with your freshly grilled meal.

So Easy!

Just preheat your grill to a minimum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, dunk your brush, or run it under water. All that's left is to gently wipe away the nasty gunk that's been building up. It's really that easy!

WARNING: Use hand and eye protection while handling.






Countless Advantages

High-end Design: Grill Rescue is by far the most advanced grill brush on the market. From our Heat Retardant Cleaning Heads, to our industrial strength clip mechanism, it doesn't get any stronger than this!

Clean in Seconds: Gone are the days of scrubbing your grill for 15-20 minutes trying to get off that sticky BBQ you cooked last week. Watch as Grill Rescue uses steam to pulverize that caked on gunk in seconds!

Doesn't Break the Bank: At this unbeatable price, you can't get a better value anywhere else. At the hefty cost of ingesting a wire bristle, you can't afford not to get a Grill Rescue.

Vigorous Testing: Grill Rescue doesn't only go through our tough durability standards tests, it is also tested by professional grillers. We put Grill Rescue in the hands of the best BBQ experts to test this on their grills.