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Electric Automatic Nail Clippers Trimmer

Electric Automatic Nail Clippers Trimmer

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This automatic intelligent electric nail clippers is far more than a nail clipper only, it integrated the functions of a nail cutter, a nail file or a nail grinder, and a small cut-off nail vaccum. Easy to operate, one button operation to finish cut nails, trim nails, polish nails, and vaccum the cut off nail debris. Safe, quick, and clean to trim your nails.

  • Wireless&USB Rechargeable- Not made for harder nails,say goodbye to the entanglement and inconvenience of various wires. The CRSURE electric nail clipper does not need to use wires during use and come with 500mah a built-in Li-battery and USB charging cable,which can trim the nails 60 times after full charged.
  • 100% Automatic&Safety- The entire nail trimmer has only one button and can be activated with a single press,easy to use. In addition, in the process of grinding the nails, no matter which mode you use, it is very soft and smooth. The inset rotary knife protect setting has no chance to touch your nail beds.
  • Arc Design,Easy Grip- With special arc design, CRSURE high quality nail clipper fits your hand shape so perfectly that it is easy to grip. You can easily operate it with one hand, just one press and it will do its job automatically.
  • Multiple Settings&Built in Trash Case- Nail cutter has two speed modes ,pressing the switch button once is slow speed mode, and pressing the switch button twice is fast mode. The small trash case built into the nail trimmer will collect all the cut nails, so you don't have to worry about public cleaning problem. You can use it at any time and anywhere.

How to use the nail clippers?
Step 1: Open the lid
Step 2: Fit your finger to the trimming mouth, and then turn on the power button. Press once for slow trimming and twice for fast trimming. Turn the finger part continuously to complete the trimming. And press the third time to stop.

Name: Portable Electric Nail Trimmer
Body: ABS resin
Blade: Tungsten steel
Power Supply: USB charging
Voltage: 5V
Size: 78x80x33mm
Weight: 95g
Charging Time: 30 minutes
Working Time: 6-10 hours
Standby Time: 80 days

1. This nail clipper is not water proof, pls don't wash it with water.
2. Pls don't have children under three years old to use it independently.