Eco Infinite Match
Eco Infinite Match
Eco Infinite Match
Eco Infinite Match
Eco Infinite Match
Eco Infinite Match

Eco Infinite Match

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Never spend on wooden matches again!

Perpetual Flame System will save your pocket and also the planet from pollution.


reusable match


Economical & Ecological! 

The Eco Infinite Match™ allows you to save money due to its unique Perpetual Flame System which unlike others lighters in the market doesn't go out with a soft wind, because this is designed to work efficiently on outdoors.

The Perpetual Flame System provides a lot of useful functions to the Eco Infinite Match™ like for example, igniting firewood on outdoors or a gas stove at your home; you can also use this for light your cigarettes on the street or even a barbecue in the patio of your house next weekend!

Our rechargeable fuel system is the perfect mate to the environment since you are going to stop polluting and increasing the consumption of wooden matches, which is absolutely propitious for the planet. You can refill the container with combustible forever!


Match Striker



  • The metal rod\'s wick catches fire and resembles a match.
  • One end of the metal rod has a wick.
  • With the keyring attachment, you'll never be caught out again when you need a light alternatively.
  • This Permanent Match consists of a rectangular shell, with a metal rod that screws into the shell.
  • Stylish and luxurious appearance lighter.
  • Silver permanent match striker lighters with keychain.



To use, the metal rod is removed and scratched against a long flint rod installed on one side of the case. For safety reasons, the product is shipped without fuel, but you can easily fill it with gas.


Directions of use:

  1. Fill the container with lighter fluid, no more than 2/3.
  2. Insert rod and screw tight.
  3. Unscrew rod striker and take out the rod.
  4. Strike the rod against the side of the container.
  5. Blow out fire and screw rod back inside of the container.
  6. Repeat the process for the endless amount of fire.



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