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All-Season Hybrid Wiper Blades

All-Season Hybrid Wiper Blades

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Wear and tear on your wiper blades can lead to reduced visibility and increased danger on the road. Our All-Season Hybrid Wiper Blades provide a smooth, shining and streak-free cleaning to your windshield in seconds.

Engineered for durable wiping in extreme weather conditions, the wiper frame and suspension system are completely covered to protect the blades from tearing, crackling or clogging with ice and snow for ultimate performance in all seasons.
Smart-Flex design of blades adapt to the curve of windshield without leaving any gaps during working. Tested to perform over 500,000 cycles which can last up to 2 years, saving your money for replacement frequently.


  • 【Smart-Flex Frame Design】Adapts to the curve of the windshield without leaving any gaps. Aerodynamic blades prevent lift-off when at a high speed. Smart hinge joints grip windshield securely across the entire blade.
  • 【All-Weather Performance】The wiper frame and suspension system are completely covered to protect the blades from clogging with ice and snow.
  • 【Tough & Durable】Tested to perform over 500,000 cycles. It resists cracking, splitting and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid and salt.
  • 【Quiet & Smooth Rubber】Graphite-treated natural rubber to help reduce noise and friction, with less than 20dB while working.
  • 【Quick & Easy Installation】U-hook arm type fits the majority of car models. 4-step installation with no tools required is the best for first time installer.


  • Material: Rubber + Metal
  • Length: 14-17 inches / 18-20 inches

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All-Season Hybrid Wiper Blades (1 Pair/ 2 Pairs)